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Diversion of Prosecution in Prince Georges County District Court

Prince Georges County has a diversion system in place for certain categories of crime. There are a variety of factors which affect a defendant's ability to enter into a diversion program. There are many upsides to entering into a diversion program such as certainty of outcome and eventual dismissal of charges with the possibility of expungement. There are some downsides, actual innocence or inability of the state to prove its case could result in an acquittal with no further effort or expense from the defendant. You should consult with an attorney prior to making these important choices. Below is some information obtained from the District Court in Prince Georges County.

You were just advised by the Courts to perform Community Service. Listed below are the office locations and steps you need to take, to successfully satisfy your court ordered requirements:
Upper Marlboro
2927 Brown Station Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Residential House with Blue and White Siding
Monday - Friday
Enrollment Hours
08:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
 301-952-3940/5357 Office

District 1 County Police Station
5000 Rhode Island Avenue, Suite 104
Hyattsville, MD 20784
Center of the Courtyard

The enrollment process should take less than thirty minutes to complete. The program will take in
consideration your means of transportation, work/school schedule and logistics of your residence. You are
required to pay a $40.00 Administrative Fee in the form of a Money Order or Certified Check. No cash,
personal checks or credit cards will be accepted.
If you are not a resident of Prince Georges County or Washington DC, you may request in person a transfer
through this Community Service Office to your jurisdiction. We will coordinate all paperwork regarding
transferring your case. You are required to pay a $40.00 Administrative Fee in the form of a Money Order or
Certified Check.
For enrollment, you should have the following items:
Copy of your Court Order
Picture ID
Administrative User Fee
4. You must enroll with this program to receive court credit for all hours of Community Service you perform.
This program will assign you to a specific work site to complete your community service hours.
5. You may start your community service hours immediately after the enrollment or thereafter. This will be
discussed and agreed upon during your enrollment process.
 The courts have assigned you a time frame to complete your hours. To figure out your completion date, count today as day one and every day thereafter, including holidays and weekends. This program will submit to the court on that date, your satisfactory or unsatisfactory compliance notice.

Spanish-speaking interpreters are available

13400 Dilie Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772 (301) 952-4800 • 711 Maryland Relay Service •
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