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Expungement Tool I Found

In Maryland, when you are charged with a crime or a traffic offense your name along with your address and date of birth usually appear on a public database, "Maryland Judiciary case search".  Virtually anyone at any time from anywhere on the planet can access this database, putting your name and find the above information including not just criminal and traffic convictions, but simply the fact that you are charged.  Employers, relatives, friends, people who who do not wish you well, can all access this information.

There are occasions where you can have your personal information expunged.  In general, in order to have the matter expunged the charge must be entered nolle prosequi, the defendant was acquitted, received probation before judgment or received a stet.  Sometimes the expungement can be requested immediately with a waiver and sometimes several years must pass.

I have no relation with this service provider, I don't receive anything from them, I do recommend it as an efficient tool to help you file for your expungement requests.

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