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Provisional License and Tickets

If you don't know and you have a Maryland provisional license receiving a conviction or even a probation before judgment can have dire consequences on your ability to drive and your ability to receive a regular license.

Case in point-my client has a provisional license and he received moving violations in Maryland approximately one month apart.  My client thought it would be a good idea to pay the moving violations.

With a provisional license under the current law if you receive a conviction you must thereafter complete the driver improvement program or be subject to suspension.

If you receive a second ticket you can be subject to suspension for up to 30 days.

If you receive another ticket you can be subject to suspension up to six months.

Once you receive that conviction a probation before judgment the motor vehicle administration will send you a letter to the address they have on record.  If you fail to respond, if you fail to send them the $150 they will suspend you up to the maximum amount automatically.

My client already had one conviction and had done the driver improvement program.  He had no idea that he would be suspended for the other two tickets.

Under Maryland law there is a certain amount of time to request that the court vacate a judgment.I filed the appropriate motion with the court and the court granted my request and provided us new trial dates.

On the first trial date we were able to secure a not guilty verdict because the officer was not able to prove that my client was speeding.

On the second trial date the officer failed to show up and again we obtained a not guilty verdict.

Because we won the two cases in court the motor vehicle administration no longer has a case against my client.  Not only that but he can immediately apply for his regular license.

Something as simple as moving violations can have dire consequences if you had a provisional license.  You should seek competent counsel when determining how to address your moving violations.
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