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What does it mean if my case is put on the stet docket

Maryland has a rule allowing a case to resolve other than a trial, dismissal or guilty plea.  With the defendant's consent the case can be put on the stet docket. The following is from an information sheet found in the District Court for Prince Georges County and it summarizes the situation neatly:

 If the state moves to place your case on the stet docket, and you agree to the stet, and the judge agrees to the stet, then your case is placed on an inactive status for three years. Essentially, the state puts the file on a shelf and stops time on the case.
The stet is not a conviction or an acquittal. It is a compromise between dropping the case and prosecuting you. Because it is not a conviction, you do not have to tell employers about it if they ask whether you have ever been convicted of any crime.
For tlie first year, either you dr the state may request that the case be reactivated. The case would be removed from the shelf and brought back into court for trial. Time is restarted, and you are back in the same position as you are now, i.e., about to stand trial. . .
For the last two years, the case may only be brought back into court upon written petition to a judge, who must agree there is good cause to reactivate the case.
To receive the stet, you must waive your right to speedy trial. In other words, if the case is reactivated in the next three years, you may not say you did not get your trial.quickly enough.
You keep all your other trial rights. . ' • *;~
Tlie state may put some conditions on the stet, such as paying money to someone or some organization, staying -away from someone or some place, getting counselling, clearing up your driver's license, or anything else appropriate to your case. The state may also set a time, limit in which you must meet the condition(s) or eise have the case reactivated. It is your choice whether or not to agree to the condition(s), but you cannot have the stet disposition for your case unless you do agree and do meet the condition(s).
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