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Child Support Statute

Child support and the general assembly. Under Maryland law an individual is entitled to child support under the following conditions: an individual who has attained the age of 18 years and he was enrolled in secondary school has the right to receive support and maintenance from both of the individual's parents until the first to occur of the following events:

The individual dies

The individual marries

The individual is emancipated

The individual graduates from or is no longer enrolled in secondary school or

The individual attains the age of 19 years.

You would think that the general assembly would put this particular provision in the Family Law Article under child support. Instead, it is in the Maryland code, Gen. Provisions 1-401. Even experienced family practitioners are hard-pressed to find this particular section.

The Maryland Gen. Provisions Article, in case you are interested contains the following titles:

Rules of interpretation
official oath
open meetings act
Public information act
Maryland public ethics law
United States
emblems, designations, commemorative days and months
and false claims.

Quite the potpourri of laws.
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