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Traffic Violations/MVA Issues Lawyer In Rockville, Maryland

Traffic Violations and MVA Issues

Maryland Traffic Violation Attorney Thomas G. Witkop's goal is to vigorously defend motorists who have been charged or accused of traffic-related violations in Maryland or Washington, DC.  Since 1986, I have helped hundreds of clients remove traffic warrants, clean-up driving records and avoid driver's license points and skyrocketing insurance rates.  I have extensive experience successfully helping clients with a wide variety traffic violations and MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) cases including:

•  MVA Hearings
Drunk Driving (DWI/DUI)
•  Driving Without a License
•  Driving While Suspended
•  Reckless Driving
•  Speeding
•  Outstanding Traffic Warrants
•  Moving Violations & Traffic Tickets
•  Failure to Appear in Court
•  Hit-and-Run Accidents

Traffic violations won’t go away if you ignore them, and you could be placing your driver’s license at risk.  I know how important your your privilege to drive is to you, and I will aggressively fight to help you keep it. Please contact experienced Rockville Traffic Violations Lawyer Thomas G. Witkop for help with your traffic violations or cleaning-up your DMV record.